Wednesday, August 5, 2009

National Night Out (Maple Valley, WA)

My daughters and I with braddah Jesse Babauta. He is on the SWAT team for King County Sheriff's department. He is originally from Guam, and worked for HPD in Honolulu.

"Guardian One" making a landing in our neighborhood park.

"Guardian One"

All of the kids checking out the "Peacekeeper".

Me, trying to get my daughter off the "Peacekeeper". She had no problem climbing into the vehicle, but had issues getting off of it. :)

Last night, "National Night Out" made 5 stops in the south King County area of Washington. Fortunately, one of the stops was in our own neighberhood! Members of the Maple Valley fire department, King County Sheriffs, and SWAT team were there.

Free hot dogs, chips and sodas were provided to the community. The police chief of Maple Valley lives in our neighborhood, so she was also present.

Grant Higa.

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