Sunday, August 23, 2009

5th Yokota Strongman Challenge (Fussa, Japan)

Contest t-shirt.

I was able to setup a booth for Bulky Boy.

Brad Dunn, Guild and me showing our mean mugs.

Matsubara-san in the Farmers Walk.

Me doing a Log Press demo.

I loaded all 3 stones, then pressed the 205 lb stone overhead.

Bus pull! It was too easy! I need to pull something heavier next year. ;)

All 7 competitors. Yoshi on the far left, won the contest!

Grinding some spam musubis at the "Sons of Hawaii" booth.

"Sons of Hawaii" group shot.

Me & Brad rocking out to "Van Hey-san!"

Me and Brad with the guitarist of Van Hey-san.

Hey Bulky Boy readers! Its Grant Higa again, blogging from Japan.

We had the "5th Yokota Strongman Challenge" yesterday. A total of 7 competitors, including one airman from Yokota AFB. 3 guys even took a 5 hour train ride from Kyoto, to compete.

The events were:
STONES (205, 245, 260 lbs)
BARREL LOADING RACE (55 gallon drums filled w/water)

Brad Dunn and I did some exhibitions in b/w, and then we also did a Bus Pull. We filled the bus up with people! Kids were standing in the walkway too!

After that, I stopped by the "Sons of Hawaii" booth. This group of Hawaiians consist of airmen/airwomen and their ohana, who are from Hawaii.
I gave them alot of Bulky Boy "HAWAIIAN FLAG" stickers, and they loved it!
They fed me and Brad alot of spam musubis, brownies and hot dogs!

After fueling up on spam musubis, we went to the outdoor stage to see our favorite band, VAN HEY-SAN. This is a Van Halen cover band, who ROCKS! Always good to see them when we come up here.

Brad and I are about to get a workout in 1.5 hours. Then, we are catching a bus back to Narita airport. I will see you back stateside!
Mahalos to Bulky Boy, for allowing me to bring some product to Japan, and for always being supportive in my Strongman contests!


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  1. Grant thank you so much for coming out again to support us! It is always a great time. Hope to see you again next year.