Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bulky Boy invades Japan (Day 2)

All of us stopping at a Rest stop.

Posing in front of Suwako.

Giving away some Hawaii Bulky Boy stickers to the girls!

Its Day 2 on my trip here in Japan.

We drove almost 7 LONG hours from Nagoya to Yokota AFB today. Traffic was terrible, and it usually takes over 4 hours. We actually drove through the longest tunnel in Japan. I counted up to 750 seconds in this thing. Pretty scary, if there was in accident or an earthquake because this tunnel runs under a huge Japanese mountain.

I gave some Bulky Boy "Hawaiian Flag" and "Ali'i" stickers to Pat Coleman. He is going to slap those on his car and represent!

Just ate a massive dinner here with Pat and his ohana. The Yokota Strongman Challenge starts tomorrow at 12pm. 200,000 people pass through the gates of Yokota AFB during this Friendship Festival.

Will blog tomorrow, after the contest!

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