Friday, August 21, 2009

Bulky Boy invades Japan!

While waiting at Narita airport for Brad Dunn to arrive, this kid thought we were Pro Wrestlers & wanted to take a picture with Pat and I!

Me & Pat Coleman boarding the shinkansen. This was first time on the bullet train.

Brad Dunn & Anderson getting their grub on at Denny's Japan.

This was my order at Denny's. CRAZY!

My other portion of dinner at Denny's. It was kinda like a loco moco, and really good!

Whats up Bulky Boy fans? This is Grant Higa, of the Bulky Boy Strongman team, and I am writing you from Nagoya, Japan!

I am here to do a Strongman demonstration at Yokota Air Base tomorrow,at the FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL. Over 200,00 people will pass through the gates this weekend! This is my 4th time coming over to Japan, and I enjoy everytime I visit here.

My friend, Pat Coleman, is the Fitness Director at Yokota Air Base. He flew me and Brad "WOLVERINE" Dunn up here, and met us at Narita airport. Brad is a fellow Pro strongman from the USA.
After flying in, we took a train to Tokyo station so that we could connect to a Shinkansen bullet train to Nagoya. Nagoya is the 3rd largest city in Japan.
I never rode the shinkansen before, and man, was it FAST. It was so smooth though, that you can't feel the speed. Pat said, if you drove a car from Tokyo-Nagoya, it would take 2.5 hours. We only took 40 mins on the shinkansen!

After arriving in Nagoya, we were picked up by a Brazilian friend of Pat. We made an appearance at his MaxxMuscle smoothie/nutrition shop. It was great, because one day, he wants to host a Strongman contest there. I was really surprised at how much Brazilians, or mixed Brazilian/Japanese live in Nagoya. Hearing these Japanese people speak Portugese was unreal!

I gave Fernando a ICON Muscle Tshirt from Bulky Boy, and he LOVED it! He is interested in possibly carrying the Bulky Boy clothing products in his 3 smoothie shops that he owns. Hopefully, he can do business with us!

After that, we went to eat at Denny's. First, I wasn't too happy to eat at Denny's, because I don't normally eat there in the USA. This was the BEST Denny's experience I have ever had! Wonderful Japanese food was served there! It was awesome!

We are about to leave for a 4 hour drive to Yokota Air Base. I will blog you guys later on from there!

Sayonara from Japan!

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