Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Please vote for Bulky Boy Team rider Sol Ortiz!

Come watch the first ever North Shore vs. South Shore, one-day, high-speed comp at Sandy Beach. The best surfers in Hawaii will go head-to-head to win bragging rights and the other teams' boards. KaiBorg Garcia and friends will judge which shore owns the surf.

-Red Bull Rivals is a one day surf event to pit Oahu’s legendary shores (North Shore vs. South Shore) against each other in a head to head surf competition(Call ‘em out format) to settle the score. 

-Event will be held on the Eastside of Oahu at Sandy Beach (Neutral Territory) no surf event has been held at this popular surf hangout location since the Gotcha Pro back in the Early 80’s

-Teams will compete for:

-Each others surfboards (used in competition) instead of a traditional purse (like racing for pink slips)

-Territory advantage in next years competition

-The ultimate surfing bragging rights

-10 surfers for each team will be chosen and must have at least 1 girl and 2 groms (17 or under) surfers TBD after voting this week


*A “ringer” will be allowed to be a part of each team and does not have to be disclosed until day of competition (this can be any surfer from anywhere in the world) and will not be included in the original team of 10

-Team Captains can be anybody and will be chosen by team 

-A best of 5 “Roshambull” (Rock, Paper, Scissors) will determine honors(who surfs first) or possible coin flip

-Honored surfer will choose competitor 

-Surfers will battle head to head in 20 - 10 minute heats and judges will determine who surfed the best and noted shore will receive a point

-“Halftime” will be after the 10th heat to let each team re-group and strategize

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