Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ken Nowicki, Arnold's Traning Peek

Been lazy with my updates recently and thought that it'd be good to post up a wee insight into my training for the Arnold Am's and also the Brit GP two weeks later.

Due to the proximity of these shows I've split the events into two sessions. Week 1 I do log, yoke and stones; Week 2 is car deadlift, farmers sled medley and some loading.

Been suffering from very bad bicep tendonitis (lateral epicondylitis) the past month or so and it's reached the point where I am actually struggling to do menial stuff like holding a plate, and it has started really affecting log today. No matter how much I icing I do or how much I rub it out nothing seems to be fixing it. Seeing my physio on Thurs to try and get it sorted.


Log Press- 60/6/6/6, 100/3/3, 120/3, 130/2, 140/f All reps from the floor, felt like I had zero in the rack position. Just going to work with 130kg in prep for the Brit GP to work on conditioning a bit and hopefully I'll be nailing bigger numbers once this arm is sorted.

Yoke- 70/20m/40m, 150/20m, 230/20m, 310/20m, 350/20m, 430/10m PB All sets execpt the 430k were done no drops apart from the turn at the 10m mark.

Stones- 80/1/3, 110/3, 127/3, 160/3 When I first picked up the 80k I was doubting if this was a good idea or not, but once I put some tacky on the arm was playing ok.

Going to film some stuff the next few weeks and debut it before the Arnold. I should have some free time from the intense project work in a few weeks to allow me to do a good editting job, so there will be a nice video to look forward to on the 1st of March before I head to the Arnold on the 2nd.

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