Monday, February 14, 2011

Eastbound Bar & Grill Beer Belly Contest Lakeside, CA

This past Saturday was the 1st annual Beer Belly Contest at Eastbound Bar and Grill in Lakeside, CA. A great crowd showed up for the festivities and they got there early, as the bar was also celebrating its 1 year anniversary. KSON-FM, San Diego FOX News, as well as other small media outlets were on hand to report the contest, as well as the best fricken clothing brand in the world was there to hand out shirts and hats to stoked contestants who were busy wolfing down burgers and guzzling various brews in anticipation of getting there bellies in tip-top shape. A east county band, most appropriately called the "Love Handles", were there to play some tunes after the contest and a beer garden was erected outside so beer could flow freely to contestants and willing patrons. Eastbound Bar and Grill had a great family atmosphere and the employees were very nice and helpful. We plan on helping with the event next year and there should be no excuse for members of the brotherhood not to attend and compete, because there's beer to be drank, burgers to be eaten, and beer bellies to show off and I know you guys would kill it! Anyway, mahalo to Eastbound Bar and Grill for letting us participate and mahalo to all who showed up. And for people who missed the event, we'll see you next year. Aloha and start working on your beer bellies for next years event!!!!

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