Saturday, February 12, 2011

The HIGA MONSTERS last day at "The Warehouse" (Kent, WA)

It was a somber day for me and my training partners today. We had to move out of Chipman Relocations due to a corporate decision that they wanted to downsize their operations, and sadly my strongman equipment was part of it.
If it wasn't for Marv Michaud, I wouldn't be the strongman Pro I am today. This man would be at the office at 6am to open up the Warehouse for us because we had an upcoming strongman contest. How cool is that?

He would set up a semi-truck pull because I had that event in a contest, so he hung around for an extra 2 hours to rig that up for me.
All he would ask for was that we did well in our competitions. So we would bring him some Bud Light every once in a while, or a contest t-shirt.  He loved the Bulky Boy decals I gave him and immediately put them on his car.

Many people have trained with us: Jesse Marunde (R.I.P.), Corey St Clair (Pro strongman), Odd Haugen (Pro strongman/promoter) "Sarge" & Breck Gault from the Sequim Crew, Adam Keep (LW Pro strongman), Marshall White (Pro strongman), Peter Rundberg (Sweden), and Stan "The Rhino" Efferding.

Zack Nims won the Teen HW Amateur National Championship, then his LW Pro card last year.
Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman won the Women's Lightweight & Middleweight Amateur National Championship.
Rocco Liogghio won the Master's Amateur Strongman National Championship.

All of these people came from the Warehouse. If you asked anyone where HIGA MONSTER trains and they would say "Oh, he's at that Warehouse, right?"

We were there when it was awful hot in the summers that the concrete would "sweat" while doing tire flips or sled drags and it would suck to do those events.
We were there in the middle of winter when it was cold as a mutha and it took you 40 minutes to just break a sweat. The cold metal would sap all the heat from your hands as you tried to warm up with Farmers walks.

My training partners would drive from near or far to train, and thats what I love about my fellow HIGA MONSTERS. We bled and sweat together. No matter what the environment tried to throw against us.

Alot of people have showed up once to workout, then said they would be back. Yea right...not too many returned. Talk is cheap, but my crew would show up to train no matter how far. I love that! They make me a better Strongman.

Thank you Marv Michaud for all you have done for me and my crew. We love you and will miss seeing you on early Sat mornings.  You have sacrificed a great amount of your time in order for us to succeed, and we will never forget that.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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