Sunday, January 16, 2011

How many reps will HIGA pull at "THE CAGE" in The Arnold Classic?

The gauntlet has been set!  HIGA MONSTER, Ben Rice and Ben Seath will be competing in the "Pros vs Bros" contest in THE CAGE against 3 bros from the Animal Pak website. 
500 lb Deadlift for reps (total reps wins).
I hope the "bros" are training hard because all 3 of us "pros" here in Washington are GOING TO BRING IT!
Mahalo to "Big Gym" of Hood River, Oregon for letting me get a workout there yesterday.  Mathias Graebel is a cool dude who always lets me get some killer workouts there whenever I am in town.  Appreciate it bro!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team


  1. OMG!! 15reps with 228.5kg(502.5lb) and 292.5kg(642.5lb) with no belt and straps. This is the pure strength! Good job, Higa monster!