Saturday, March 5, 2011

The National "Animal Barbbell Club" at Metro Fitness (Columbus, Ohio)

Once a year during the Arnold Sports Festival, Animal Pak hosts a "National Animal Barbell Club" at Metro Fitness.The gym closes to the public and is only open to anyone that comes in with an ANIMAL shirt into the gym.
Its gives a chance for any of the members on the website to train alongside all the Pro athletes of Animal & Universal Nutrition.
There is a catered dinner, comraderie and an awesome atmosphere of lifting with fellow Animals.  3 hours of brotherhood, sisterhood and heavy iron lifting.
What a wonderful day it has been for HIGA MONSTER and its amazing at how you get fired up to workout with all these people, even after a long day standing at the booth and deadlifting 500 lbs for 19 reps!

Hope you enjoyed the videos!  The final day of the Expo is tomorrow, then I catch a flight back home to Seattle.  Mahalo to Bulky Boy for the sweet workout shorts you sent me!  They were killer to wear, and I even had some fellow Animal Pros say, "Higa, did you get some special shorts that say BULKY BOY made for you?  Those are sweet!"  That was in reference to the "Bruiser" shorts I wore while doing the 500 lb deadlift for reps.

Much mahalo!
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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