Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ken Nowicki, Arnolds and Brit GP Prep Video

Well I did want to post this before I left for the Arnold, but got bogged down with packing and lab work so this is the first chance I've gotten. The Arnold Am is said and done, it didn't really go to plan and I finished 33/48.

The yoke went great and I'm really pleased about it, then the axle was a disaster, for somereason I just couldn't lock it out. The frame wasn't much better, the farmers I train on at home are standard diameter and the thicker handles on the frame here really screwed me over and I never finished the carry. So I went to the fatgripz booth and manage to aquire a free pair of fatgripz so I'm going to train farmers with them alot now so that I don't get screw again.

The car was another good one, I went first and pulled 14reps which was the lead for quite some time, plus I got to meet and talk to Arnold about 3mins after the event so that childhood dream sort of cheered me up after such a bad show.

Anyway, back to the drawing board to implement changes and improve for later in the year. Here is the video:

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