Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ken Nowicki, Brit GP

Just sitting in London City Airport before flying to Glasgow so thought I'd use the opportunity for a quick write up from the weekend.

My comp went pretty well; I finished 7th from the 25 guys competing, but it was a little bitter sweet since I was aiming for top 5... On the other hand massively better than my showing at Arnold's.

The pro show today was just insane! Brian Shaw and Loz Shahlaei both pulling 430k deadlifts; Shaw doing an easy 205k axle and 6 reps on the 100k giant db; and then chatting with and helping Brian get ready for stones.

First event of my show was the carry and load medley. A 130k keg and 130k sack to be lifting, carried about 10/ 15m and loaded onto a 48" platform. Was a little worried about this cause ever since coming back from Arnold's my cardio has been feeling terrible, but the wee 3 day blast I did last week seemed to kick it back to normal. I did this in 27.98s and was top 6 I think.

Next up was log press and was 130k for reps from the floor. I had only been tripling it in training, but the aim was 5. Hit 3, heard 30s left so took a few seconds then popped up another. Stood for another break then got told 10s so straight back in, but was too out of breath to get enough pop into the press. 4 reps and happy enough with that.

Farmers next, 150s for 40m; 20m up break the line then 20m back and fully across the finish. This was another I was a tad worried about due to them having thick handles and what happened at Arnold's. Those worries soon disappeared in the warm ups though and I finished the course in 19.07 missing taking the lead by 0.04s, overall a 4th place here, which should have been 3rd if I hadn't taken that extra second to rest my grip twice.

Stone last, I believe the weights were 110, 130, 150, 172, 177k to the same 48" platform. I got a pot of SpiderTacky off my awesome sponsor StrengthShop and I really can't say enough about the stuff, it's AMAZING!! I completed the course, but it was a mega slow time of 47.??s, but on the other hand the 4th and then 5th stones were both PB loads. I really want to nail our 187k stone by NEC now haha!!

Anyway, that's my wee story. The weekend was fantastic, met some new people and caught up with a good few old faces. Onto the next... BodyPower, I really can't wait!!
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