Sunday, June 13, 2010

Washington's Strongest Apple 3

Me and Bob getting some coffee when we left my house at 5:45am on the day of the contest. 

Louie and Dione. (MC and scorekeeper)

Kristyn Vytlacil in the Yoke Walk.

Tyler Scott vs Andrew Simpson in the Yoke Walk.

Tyler Scott flipping a tire.

Grant judging in the Axle Press.

Sarge & Dain holding onto a competitor after he passed out in the Axle Press.

Breck Gault in the Axle Press.

Benji Ehlers in the Farmers Walk.

Nate Bolling making the turn in the Farmers Walk.

Zack Nims loading kegs.

Max LeFebvre loading a 250 lb keg.

Jay Hagadorn carrying a 290 lb keg.

Me and all my staff/loaders/helpers.

Post-contest dinner at Trapper's Sushi.

Jimmy telling me,"HIGA, don't eat all of our sushi today!  We don't want to lose money."

Corey & me lifting Priscilla the waitress.

Our bellies are full!  Mahalos Trapper's Sushi!

Thank you Bulky Boy for supporting me again with this contest!  This is my 3rd year promoting this show, and we can't wait for next year!
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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