Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Big Climb of Seattle 3/21/10

Josh and Ashley.

Julie, Kelly, Amy, Josh, Ashley, Katrina, Kelli & me.

Kelly, Josh, Ashley & Katrina.

Louie & my daughters Kalani & Kaiea.

Me with my neighbor Karen, and her friends Jen & Nicole.


Trying to show my "neck rolls", but I guess thats a good thing I don't have alot!

The start line.  Anticipation & anxiety at once!

I finished 16 seconds faster than last year!

Kelli, Alison, Davina & Kelly.

Amy finishing the Climb!  She was worried for almost 2 weeks!

Me and Amy.

A view from the top of the Columbia Tower.  Qwest Field & Safeco Field.

They had this banner you could sign.  I don't remember seeing it last year, so I wanted to sign it.

BULKY BOY was here!  (green letters)

Ran into Allen Velasco.  Allen is part owner of King CrossFit, and they had a team doing the Big Climb too.

Success!  I finished the Big Climb again for another year.

Me and Kaiea after the Climb.

We did it!  Team Bulky Boy raised $5,300 this year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Washington.
I finished the Big Climb 16 seconds faster than last year, so I was pleased.  I need to get that time below 21 minutes next year.
Mahalo to my teammates that participated in this grueling physical & mental challenge today.  You all did great, and it was inspiring to have Jen on our team this year since she is a Cancer Survivor.  Think about it...Jen was having cancer treatments at this time last year.  Today, she climbed up 1,311 steps and looked awesome!
Finally, mahalo to "Bulky Boy Brand Clothing Company" for sponsoring our registration fees to The Big Climb and for also giving us some great t-shirts to wear in today's Climb.
No matter how hard it seemed to me, its for a great cause and I thank you Bulky Boy for sponsoring us in this event.  Until next year!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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  1. Good Job Team Bulky Boy, Grant the sun must of been out, I saw some highlights in your hair, and I know that you don't dye it, that would be to Metrosexual.