Friday, March 5, 2010

THE ARNOLD Day 1 (Columbus, Ohio)

Me with Gregor Edmunds (Scotland).

Me with Stephanie & Ruby of Cytosport.

Me, Donald Cerrone, Skyscrape & Punkass of TAPOUT.

Braddah Tony Harris from Hawai'i.  He is lifting in a Powerlifting meet tomorrow.

Martin Muhr (Germany) was at the Strongman contest.

Me & Dave Ostlund's son.

Travis Ortmayer from Texas & Misha  from Russia.

Big Brian Shaw (Colorado)

I ran into Hiro-san from IRONMAN MAGAZINE JAPAN.  I always see him when I go to Japan.

Leonard Garcia vs George Roop

Scott Jorgensen on the left. (Boise, ID)

Jens "Lil Evil" Pulver

Miguel Angel Torres vs Joseph Benevides

Brian Bowles vs Dominick Cruz

This kid was trying to buy a $10 Animal shirt for $5 plus a nunchuk.  It was funny!

"Nah man, I don't have a drinking problem..."

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