Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"North American Strongman Championships" (Gatineau, Quebec)

Group shot before the start of competition.

HIGA walking out before the 280 lbs Log clean & press for reps.

Nothing better than tearing my hand on Day 1 of the competition.

Karl Gillingham on the Max Wheelbarrow.

HIGA getting ready for the Press Medley on Day 2.

Dave Ostlund getting ready for the Atlas Stones.

Getting ready for the Hercules Hold.

Nick Rush doing the Hercules Hold.

Hugo Girard chalking up to test out the Hercules Hold.

Hugo & HIGA having a laugh while interviewing for the Canadian TV broadcast.

Luckily, I got one last "jab" in before the end of the interview.  Lol

Jean-Francois Caron of Canada won the contest & $5,000 prize.

These guys are always there cheering me on.  Way cool!

Team USA.  
Dave Ostlund, Nick Rush, HIGA, Joel Dirks & Karl Gillingham.

Me & Joe DeSilva.  Joe works for the city of Gatineau & is my Canadian "dad".

My family & I.  Always the greatest feeling to hear them cheer in the crowd!

My friends Sylvie & Yves.  They drive 3 hrs from Montreal every year to watch this contest!

Me & Kyle Rayner (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

My dinner after a long day of competing...1/2 chicken & Poutine.

After dinner, the family & I did some Mini Golf...Local Style brah!

A big thank you to my family for traveling all this way to Quebec with me and cheering me on.  Love you all!
We fly back to Seattle this afternoon and will upload some videos from this awesome contest.

The strongman contest will be broadcast nationwide in all of Canada in English & French later this year.  

Mahalos to Bulky Boy and Animal Pak for all your support!

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  1. Always a pleasure to compete with you Higa Monster!