Monday, November 1, 2010

Zach Gallmann training at the Team BOSS warehouse in Columbus, OH

With Nationals only 2 weeks away, we did some heavy training at the warehouse this weekend!

The Axle for Nationals is a 300lb axle, clean and press each rep.  We decided to work up to a set of 6 with 290...  10lbs won't matter when it comes down to game time!

Next up, we did some side handle deadlifts.  We had to use a frame because we've all been busy and never got around to setting up our side handle equipment.  We decided to go pretty heavy, topping off at 750lbs.  Both of these sets were with 750, but I thought the second one was with 800.. oh well!

Hopefully this link works, but this is what happens when we get bored and decide to liven things up a bit... plus, I'm from Jersey, so I can't help myself when techno starts to play!!/video/video.php?v=115406755190914

I wish I got more video of the rest of the event training, but we moved pretty quickly.

We wound up doing yoke picks and holds, but the yoke height was set at about below parallel for squat depth and we worked up to 420 full pick with a 50 foot run, 510 for a 50 foot run and then a solid 600lbs followed by a hold... it was brutal

After that, we did some keg and sled medley training, followed by atlas stones.  I worked on a 4 stone series starting at 230lbs up to 370lbs, followed by a series with the same stones, but descending in weights.. it was brutal!

I'll get a full write up of Nationals when its over.  I can't wait to bring it!

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