Saturday, January 9, 2010

Raw Powerlifting contest results (Lynwood, WA)

I competed today up in Lynwood, Washington.
Weighed in at 311 lbs

Squat: 285 kilos (628 lbs)
Bench: 187.5 kilos (413 lbs)
Deadlift: 265 kilos (584 lbs)
Total: 1625 lbs

Pretty happy with my last squat. I think I could have done at least 10 lbs more on the 3rd attempt.
Bench press was never my best lift, and I don't train it in Strongman cause we do everything overhead. I might have had another 10 lbs in me though.
Deadlift was terrible. I had a cortisone shot in my L5 last August, so my back strength is weak pulling a bar off the floor. I had a herniated disk and narrowing of the channels. This also affected my squatting, but my squats were on point today!
Need to build my deadlifts up to more than 600 lbs, so I this will be a main focus.

Overall, I went 9 for 9 and on paper broke the Raw records for WA state in my class, except for the Bench Press (435 lbs).
Maybe, I will compete in a Raw USAPL meet this year in WA to officially break those state records.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Me and my training partner Tyler.

Me and my 2nd squat attempt of 600.7 lbs

The back of Ray Novak's shirt says it all...

Me telling Zack to get ready and squat this weight!

My cousin Dain & brother in law Kaena was there to cheer me on with their ohana.

Kalani and Kaiea.

My training partner Kristyn deadlifting 325 lbs on her 2nd attempt. She is coming off a knee injury that she had 5 months ago. Her first Powerlifting contest ever!

My training partner Max. He locked out this 590 lb deadlift. NO BELT!

My training partner Tyler locking out 545 lbs in the deadlift. He weighs about 225 lbs and did this lift with a Double Overhand grip and NO BELT.

My final attempt with 585 lbs.

The "HIGA MONSTERS" showing Bulky Boy some love!

Post-contest "protein drinks" at Genki Sushi. Large KIRIN on tap baby!

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