Saturday, January 30, 2010

502.5 lb Front Squat & 405 lbs for 22 reps

This is the first time I have ever Front Squatted over 500 lbs so I am very happy with this accomplishment.  My late friend, Jesse Marunde, always told me that there is no doubt that I could do this.  Jesse, this was for you bro.
I did the 405 lbs for 22 reps three minutes after doing the Front Squat for a cooldown set.  I think I am capable of doing at least 30 reps with fresh legs.  That is my goal for March.

Mahalo to the boys at Big Gym in Hood River, Oregon.  They were on hand to support me with spotting and encouragement.  If any of you want to get a good workout while in Hood River, Oregon stop by their gym.  I workout their everytime I visit my in-laws.

Now its time to train for THE CAGE at "The Arnold Classic".  I am going to be part of a tag team 405 lbs squat for the most reps.  IT JUST GOT REAL, and I am going to bring some intensity to Columbus, Ohio on March 5-7th.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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