Monday, August 31, 2015

Pictures from "Boss of Bosses 2" (Mt View, CA)

Opening attempt of 672.4 lbs deadlift.

Saw this braddah wearing a Bulky Boy shirt, so had to take a picture!

Moments before I pulled this new Washington state record deadlift...
716.4 lbs in the 308.5 lbs weight class

CT Fletcher was in da building!!

My Auntie Alda, cousins BJ & Chelsea also came to cheer me on!
Mahalos Fam!

Mahalos to my friends, Dave & Kathy Riley who came to cheer me on with their kids!

My friend Randal Iwata & his son Adam, also came to support!

Came back on Day 2 to support Stacia Al-Mahoe (right) & Jack Cambra from CrossFit Fifty in Hawai'i.  Also saw referee, Keith Kaneshiro

Truly an honor to received my Gold & Silver medals from the legend, Ed Coan.

I placed 2nd overall in the Open men 308.5 lbs weight class.
1st in the Master's men 40-44 308.5 lbs weight class.

A super-tough meet and it was so HOT inside the contest venue and warm-up area.  Made it really tough on all the competitors.
Thank you to all my family & friends who supported me for this contest, and especially to Bulky Boy Clothing!


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