Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pics from the "Trident Open" (Tacoma, WA)

Went to cheer on my bro, Ryan Riess, at the Trident Open.
Here he is doing a Snatch attempt.

This gym was AWESOME!

Riess warming up in front of Coach John Thrush.

Riess with a successful 116 kilos Snatch. (255.7 lbs)

Coach Allen Velasco & Coach John Thrush.

Riess just missed this 123 kilos/271 lbs snatch...

So Coach Thrush yelled at him & expressed his disappointment.  LOL

Saw Amy Hay & her boyfriend.  She won the 69 kilos class!
Amy is from Hood River, OR and is a 5th year Senior at Oregon State Univ.

Imperial CrossFit was in da house cheering on Coach Riess!

This 13 year old kid, Harrison, is a BEAST.
He finished with a 120 kilos/264.5 lbs clean & jerk!

Ryan Riess trying save this 1st attempt clean & jerk...

Riess cleaning his 3rd attempt.

Coach Allen, Riess, his son D'amrion & me.
We are proud of you bro!

Hayden & Riley Stockton also came to cheer on Coach Riess.

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