Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ben Seath wins at the "Northwest Bodybuilding Championships" (Shelton, WA)

Huge congrats to my bro, Ben Seath, for his win last night!
Here he is doing a Most-muscular pose.

The contest was held at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA

Ben getting ready to eat some Hy-Protein bars before he takes the stage.

I got to meet some of the boys from "Universal Bodies" in Sea-Tac.
They were huge fans of me lifting in The Cage DVD & I hope to lift with them soon.

Patrick Castelli, Aly Pederson, Zack McCarley & Ed Eliason.
They all came to cheer on Ben too.

Ben is wondering why Roger Baker is eating all his protein bars...

Ben's trainer/coach, Roger Baker, doing some last minute prep with Ben.

Zack, me & Patrick getting ready to cheer Ben on...

Ben met my neighbor/friend, Jeremy Lambert.

Even though he switched from Powerlifting to bodybuilding...
Ben STILL has huge legs!

The HIGA MONSTER ladies came to support Ben too!
What a unreal transformation he went through!

Pumping up backstage...

Rob Chicano won the LHW class!
He is Ben's friend/training partner in Aberdeen, WA

Ben Seath

Ben Seath

Ben Seath

Poses for the Overall winner.  Robbie & Ben on the far right.

Front double-biceps for all the guys...

The guy on the left ended up winning the Overall.
He was the MW class winner.

Darrin Hildebrand from powercrunch.
His sister works at my Chiropractor's office too!

What Robbie's hotel bed looked like...
Good thing he brought his own sheets or the hotel would have sent him a bill!

Halloween was 2 days ago, but my wife made him some Eyeball Cake Pops.
As you can see, he really enjoyed them after the contest!

Super proud of my bro!  He has been a Powerlifter for so many years, and then decided to do 2 Bodybuilding contests to prove to himself that he could do it.  And he won both contests within a span of 2 weeks!

Great job Ben!  Congratulations for your win last night!  Now you can train for Powerlifting again and get BULKY...

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