Monday, February 4, 2013

The Cage 2013 (Columbus, Ohio)

In this corner, Grant “HIGA MONSTER” Higa is an athletic marvel. His 5’ 8”, 295 lb stocky frame is a tightly wound bundle of explosive muscle. A champion powerlifter and strongman, Higa has squatted 739 lbs and deadlifted 751 lb raw in competition. He also boasts an astounding 19 reps with 500 lbs in the deadlift inside The Cage in 2011 and 17 reps to best P Diesel in 2012. Training out of Imperial Crossfit in Kent, WA, the versatile iron slinger has been known to pull big weights for high reps without even the use of a lifting belt. Asked why he wants to up the ante to 525 lbs for reps with no belt in his rematch with P Diesel, Higa said, 

“It’s the 25th anniversary of the Arnold and the 30th anniversary of Animal Pak. I want to show the world that The Cage is the only place you will see crazy shit like this.”

And in the other corner, Patrick “P Diesel” Raquet is a self-described “genetic oddball” with his 6’ 5” frame and massive wingspan seemingly working against him in the pursuit of hoisting massive poundages. A two-time Pennsylvania’s Strongest Man, claiming 18 reps in the 1100 lb car deadlift and a 1250 lb tire flip, P Diesel has let nothing hold him back. Hungry to avenge his loss to his brother in iron, Higa, this year, the bearded beast from West Chester, PA has taken his violent training for The Cage very seriously. 

“I have devoted the last year tearing myself down and rebuilding. I spent a ton of time in the dark for a little time to shine.”

Watch these two unique power athletes tangle with 525 lbs on the deadift for reps in a last-man-standing showdown in The Cage on Friday, March 1st at 12pm in this exciting rematch. This time, it's personal.

Friday 3/1/13, 12:00pm
The Cage #419

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