Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pictures from the "RABFitness Strongman Challenge" (Kennewick, WA)

HIGA MONSTER, Bryan Eccleston & Pete Marcoff.
Bryan placed 4th in the 231 lbs weight class & set new PR's.
Patrick Castelli brought 4 cases of ROCKSTAR to get fired up!  lol
Rachele Unsen in the "squat for reps"
Bryan Eccleston.  The bottom of the tires had to touch the boxes.
Larry Bush had a nosebleed after his Squat for reps & he dripped blood on my hand when I was helping him loosen his belt.  Damn powerlifters & their nosebleeds!  Where is the rubbing alcohol?
Rachel Pyron doing the Yoke Walk.
The competitors had to do a BRUTAL sled drag after the Yoke Walk.
Kalle Beck flew up from CA & won the 200 lbs class.
Jeff Pearson (Oregon) won the Men's HW class.
That carpet was a SOB to drag the sled on!
Rachel Pyron loading the 2nd atlas stone.
"Sarge", Roger Baker (owner of RABFitness) & HIGA MONSTER.
Our BULKY BOY plate of "cheesy Jo-Jos" at Bob's Burger & Brew.
HIGA & contest promoter Mike Kromer after a long day...

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  1. Hey Grant! Great finally meeting you! Can't wait for the Strongest Apple in June! Is there any info for the contest yet??