Wednesday, April 18, 2012

HIGA MONSTER does the "Walk" from

Kristin Wilson, Nicholas Grover, HIGA MONSTER & Ashley after the WOD was done.  Me & Grover had to walk a Mile with 145 lbs barbell on our back, & the girls carried a 95 lbs bar on their back.

Kristin Wilson on her 3rd lap.  4 laps around our gym is a mile.

Grover finishing up his mile walk.

HIGA MONSTER's time to "walk the mile".

What a HUGE mental challenge this was!  I never dropped my bar but man was it tough to hold the bar for so long on your traps!  Kristin Wilson had a tough time finishing the last lap, so the rest of us picked up our bars and DID THE LAST LAP WITH HER AGAIN!  No one gets left behind in our gym...

HIGA MONSTER  Bulky Boy strongman team


  1. i like your attitude of team work!
    mental toughness~that has always been your mantra, and it has proven you well!