Saturday, December 3, 2011

HIGA MONSTER wins the "Fife Power Company USAPL Holiday Classic"

Ken Ralston, Caleb Ralston, Zack McCarley, HIGA & Ali McWeeney.

Zack with a side chest pose, Tim Nagy and HIGA MONSTER.

Burying a 710.7 lbs squat for a new Washington state record!

My friends from Animal Pak came to support me, Eddie & Chris.

Casey from Trapper's Sushi came to the contest to cheer me on.  Thanks bro!

I was wearing the Bulky Boy beach towel to help keep me warm in b/w attempts.

My first 2 awards that I won from tonight...

But this is the BEST award of them all!  Raw baby!  No suits or knee wraps!

I ended up squatting 710.7 lbs, bench pressing 429.7 lbs and deadlifting 727.5 lbs for a total of 1867.9 lbs.  I broke 3 Washington state records in the squat, deadlift and the total for my weight class.
Not bad for a 40 year old BULKY BOY.  LOL

"Mahalo nui loa" to my wife Michelle & daughters Kaiea and Kalani, my mother in law Eloise, Allen Velasco of Imperial CrossFit, PJ Couvillion, Jaysin Reyna & Casey from Trapper's Sushi, Tim Nagy, Ken & Caleb Ralston of BelieveMedia, Kristyn Whisman, Pete Marcoff, Zack McCarley, Eddie McLaughlin and Chris Gumm for driving all the way to Fife to cheer me on and sit all that time at a Powerlifting meet.

And especially to my Animal Pak brother, 21 year old Ben Seath for lighting a fire under my ass so that I could break 3 of his Washington state records in the Raw Division.  "NEXT!"


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  1. おめでとうございます!!!
    Cant help to notice how proud Zack looks, cant tell if that is for you or because he is sporting a "world champion" T.

    Great Job Grant, you continue to inspire.