Friday, December 9, 2011

Belated birthday party for HIGA MONSTER at "Elysian Fields"

Me & my cousin Sarah share the same birthday of 12/6.

My wife Michelle organized this get together.  Thanks babe!

Our daughters were grubbing on the Truffle Fries!

My friends Betsy, Scott and Bill.  Betsy is hogging all the Truffle Fries!  LOL

Karla, Chris, Karyn and HIGA.

Danielle, my mother in law Eloise, Fitzy and Rebekah.

A hilarious gift from Betsy & Lee for my bathroom reading!  LMAO

Me and Georgia.

Me and my "Podahgee friend" Valerie.   LOL

My sisters Chiemi & Odessa and brother in law Kaena.

A big "mahalo" to my wife for putting this gathering together and for all of my family & friends that were able to come by and have a pint or two.  It was a great time!


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