Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seattle Animal Barbell Club pictures (Lacey, WA 10/1/2011)

Bulky Boy and Animal Pak banners were hanging proudly in the gym today.

I hooked up Mike Spencer with a can of Animal Pak & some samples of Animal RAGE.

The Northwest Chamorritas gave a beautiful dance performance.

and of course, they pulled all the Seattle Animals onto the floor to "Tamure" with them.

Zack McCarley getting some of the free massage treatment they provided at the ABC.

This guy with the ANIMAL PAK beanie used to weigh 380 lbs!!  Unreal!

And look at how ripped he is now!  Congrats on your hard work bro!

After I pulled the semi-truck, I did a 405 lbs Deadlift for reps and threw out a challenge to the crowd that if I pull 20 reps, will they donate some cash into my can of Animal Pak so that we can donate this can directly to the Thurston County Food Bank.  We collected alot of cash from that, and gym owner Gary Briggs was happy!

Post-workout meal was at Chili Thai Restaurant next door to the gym!

Ben Seath chowing down on Panang Chicken Curry.

SARGE grubbing on some Fresh Rolls.

HIGA MONSTER with the Massuman Tofu Curry.

Mahalo to Lacey Ultimate Fitness Center for hosting an ABC at your wonderful facility!

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