Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pictures from the 6th Oregon's Strongest Beaver (Corvallis, OR)

Me & Corey dropped off some t-shirts for the Strength & Conditioning coaches at Oregon State University.

Dinner at "Aqua Seafood Restaurant" in Corvallis. We gave some shirts to the owner bruddah Iain Duncan (middle left) & bruddah Adam Kekahuna (Executive Chef-middle right).

Corey about to chow down on some appetizers at "Aqua".

"Let the feasting begin!"

Setting up the sponsor's booth's & banners for the giveaways.

We gave this "BEAVER BELIEVER" a free shirt too for his spirit!

Corey doing some warmups with the Log.

Corey St Clair (Boise, ID)

Me locking out a 320 lb Log.

I thought this was a cool picture. My sister in law snapped this while Corey was getting some reps on the Axle!

Me getting some reps on the Axle Deadlift for reps.

My niece Madelynn & daughter Kaiea dropping down and getting after it in the pushups for reps contest! You go girls!

This was the women's Pushups for reps contest. The winner got a gift certificate for a meal at "Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe".

Men's pushups for reps contest.

Me picking up the 222 lb river rock. Man, I really need to work on my calves. They are looking really small & undefined....

Me loading the 248 lb river rock.

And finally, me loading the 302 lb river rock.

Corey loading the 248 lb river rock.

Corey loading the 280 lb river rock.

Corey loading the 302 lb river rock.

I wasn't able to get his name, but this is the winner of the Pushups for reps contest. He did 69 reps, and won a $50 gift certificate from Bulky Boy!
Chris Roth (center), winner of the Rolling Thunder challenge. He scored a $50 gift certificate from Bulky Boy!

This was the view of the game from our seats.

Another view from our seats at the game.

Corey St Clair eating a BLALAH Hawaiian plate lunch at "Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe" after the football game. Mahalo Uncle Roy Marchesi for the t-shirts!

Post game grindz at "Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe" in Corvallis. I'm about to grind this BLALAH plate of kalbi ribs after a long day!

We were lucky, and it was a beautiful Fall day in the Pacific Northwest! I was worried, because it had been pouring rain the entire week before our demonstration.
Despite the early kickoff of the football game, we were determined to make the best of our situation and put on a good show for the students & Dads of Oregon State
We gave out 1,500 shirts that had a cool "Dad's Weekend" theme to it, and Bulky Boy also donated some shirts and stickers for me to giveaway.

Me and fellow pro strongman Corey St. Clair, completed 3 tests of strength:
Log press for maximum weight. ( I won with a lift of 320 lbs)
Axle deadlift for reps (Corey won with 16 reps, and I got 15 reps)
River Rock loading (222 lbs-302 lbs)

I also had 2 special contests for the audience. The "Rolling Thunder" grip challenge, and a "Push ups for most reps" challenge.

In the Rolling Thunder challenge, student Chris Roth won himself a $50 gift certificate to the Bulky Boy online store.
Chris is an intern at the Strength & Conditioning department of Oregon State!
In the Push ups for reps, Chris Roth again competed in it. I thought he was going to walk away with another $50 gift certificate, but another student beat him with 69 full pushups, while Chris got only 61 pushups.

That student was so happy to win, and he said that "he is looking forward to buying some sweet shirts" with that prize!

After the demonstration, Corey and I went to watch the football game with my family. To top the day off, the Beavers were able to DEFEAT the Washington Huskies 48-21.

Mahalo to Bulky Boy for supporting me yesterday!
My daughter & niece were working hard to hand out Bulky Boy stickers & business cards to everyone that was passing by.

We hope that some "Beaver Believers" will be making some purchases and help spread the word on your awesome products!

Grant Higa (Bulky Boy strongman team)

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