Saturday, April 26, 2014

HIGA MONSTER at the "South Jersey Strongest Man" (Vineland, NJ)

Shukin & Matt Filler flew me out to Jersey to help with their contest.
This gym was an AWESOME location!

LW Men competitor doing the Yoke Walk.

My boy, P Diesel, came down to help with the show too.

LW Women's arm over arm pull of a Jeep.

HW Men had to lift a 340 lbs stone over a 48" tall bar.

Shukin rocking his BULKY BOY bumper sticker in South Jersey!

Time to eat!
All you can eat Sashimi & Sushi for only $24 brah!

My 2nd plate of Sashimi, brah!

Ending a great day on the South Jersey Shore!

Congratulations to all the competitors who came out today!  I believe we had almost 35 competitors, including 4 Women.
We even had 4 people drive over 6 hours from Virginia to compete!

Thank you Shukin and Matt Filler for bringing me out here!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks alot Pops! Hope all is well.

  2. It made all the difference in the world having you involved with the competition Grant. I am honored that you came and was happy to share my weekly sushi spot.
    Special thanks to Bulky Boy for sponsoring such a special individual as Grant Higa.

    1. Thanks alot Shukin, and I am glad I was able to help you guys out. It was a great trip.