Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pictures from "Olympia Strongest Man" (Las Vegas)

HIGA pressing a 350 lbs log.

Athlete introductions...

EPIC BEARDS from Andrew Palmer & Robert Oberst.

How's my calf muscles looking?  LOL
A sick shot of me loading the 330 lbs keg into the wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow weighs 600 lbs empty.
And we loaded ALOT of stuff into it!

HIGA trying to clean & press the 330 lbs keg overhead.

750 lbs deadlift for reps.

365 lbs Anvil that I had to duck-walk to the sled.

Sled drag with almost 1,000 lbs in the sled.

Brian Shaw & me.  Shaw won this contest overall.

Sharing a laugh with Mike Burke & Chad Coy.
Burke split his index finger open & had to go to the ER on Day 1.

Ran into Roger Russness and he was rocking the HIGA MONSTER shirt at the Olympia Expo!  Thanks alot for the support, brah!

I got to meet Robert Herjavec of the TV show, "SHARK TANK"
He was walking by the strongman venue area!  Love that show!

Me and Robert Oberst.

This little guy was bothering me all day for my autograph...
I told him to back off or I will rip a couple liver shots to his body.  He claimed he was the "World's Strongest Man"...whatever poser.

Went to Xtreme Couture to watch my bro, Bristol Marunde, so some sparring with Evan Dunham & Coach Robert Follis.

Me and Jon Andersen.

Me, Eric Spoto & Brandon Lilly at the Animal Pak booth.

The legend...Ed Coan.

Me & Wrath at the Animal Pak booth.

Me, Tom Fuller & Roman at the Animal Pak booth.

Eric, Antoine, me & Chase Browning at the Universal Nutrition booth.

Went to see Carrot Top with Chad & Kim Coy.
Funny stuff!

Saw the Jabbawockeez too.

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