Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pictures from the Fit Expo 2013

HIGA MONSTER, Jesse "the Phenom" Norris & Tom "Rage" Fuller.

Breakfast for HIGA.
Almond crusted French Toast, eggs & Swedish potatoes.

Our booth at the Boise Fit Expo.

The "DARK HORSE CrossFit Challenge" was going on near our booth.

Tom "Rage" Fuller & HIGA MONSTER

"Feeding my wild side" at the Jack Links booth with Sasquatch.

Fans of the Animal Pak booth.

The ANIMAL Legion was represented.  Hooked this guy up with a shirt.

GO BEAVERS!  Some Oregon State fans were in da house.

My friend Kimmy stopped by to say "hi".  Her husband was doing the IronMan triathlathon bike portion.

"Pleather" still exists in Boise apparently...

Pressing the 173 lbs Inch Dumbbell.  I cleaned & pressed it for 3 reps with no warm-up.

Outside the Century Link Arena.

The finish line of the Boise Ironman Triathlathon was outside the arena too.

Another view of the finish line.

"Post expo recovery drink"
Alpha Dog IPA from Boise, ID.

My ribeye steak with Gorgonzola cheese sauce.

Me & Pete from MHP enjoying a post-Expo beverage.

WWE star David Otunga & my friend Neil Blitzer.

True ANIMAL right here...
This couple works at & she just had shoulder joint surgery.
She was walking around a CROWDED bar/club in her sling!


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