Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Washington's Strongest Apple 5" results and photos!

Mike Kromer won the Superheavyweight division.

The banners were hanging proud at the start line.

Kristyn Whisman pressing a 53 lbs kettlebell on her way to winning the Lightweight Women class.

HIGA MONSTER & Scott Hughes judging the deadlift for reps.

Matt Stahlberg won the 300 lbs class & the150 lbs circus dumbbell press

Mahalo to all the competitors & my staff/loaders for being a part of my contest today!

To see all the pictures taken by Jim Wallingford Photography, click on the link below:

HIGA MONSTER Washington state chairman for NAS, Inc


  1. huge turnout, great job Grant.

  2. it was an amzing time. You really did a great job and every athlete was remarkable and should be so proud!