Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"The CAGE" is only 3 days away. Come see the HIGA MONSTER in Columbus, Ohio!

HIGA MONSTER will be lifting on Friday at 3pm (Axle press exhibition), Saturday at 2pm (Pros vs Bros 500 lbs deadlift for reps) and closing out Sunday at 2pm (Pros vs Bros benchpress my bodyweight for reps).  All times Eastern standard time.
The teams for the Pros vs Bros are split into Red vs Yellow.  

HIGA MONSTER is on the red team competing for the "Hire for Heroes USA charity" 
Team Yellow is competing for the "Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund" 

The team with the most reps after the weekend will win a $1,000 donation to their charity from Universal Nutrition!
You can watch this all weekend LIVE on the Animal Pak Facebook page!  The camera & microphone will be live during all Expo open hours.  It will also be recorded and saved on the site in case you miss it.


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