Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ken Nowicki- 2nd UKs Strongest Man and 1st UKs Jnr Strongest Man

What can I say really, I wanted to make the final but to get 2nd is just amazing.

I competed for 5 days out of last week and after Dave Warner's show was slightly hesitant as to how I'd perform, but plenty of BCAAs helped more than I would of expected and come Day 1 I felt great.

Day 1 went not too bad for me, the duck and drag was one hell of a tough event. Literally couldn't believe how hard it was to get the artic going, but once I figured it out I got going not too bad. Finished 5th in the event by only 10mm. The wheelbarrow went great and I knew I would get a good time. Think I was mid 10s for second place. Car deadlift hold was the same car as last year, but on the flat compared to downhill and the differece was amazing; only managed 20s with it. Arm wrestling was the last event and as I was third in the group I played it safe and didn't risk injury. 7th place.

Day 2 went much the same, first was flag hoist and we did itin the rain then it was scrapped and we had to do it again the next morning. I was a tad annoyed as I was unsure whether I'd do better at it next time cause I would be more tired. The first event of the day was arm over arm and I just went mad and managed to bag third place in the group which was a surprise as my arm over arm had been terrible in training. Next was tyre flip and I wanted to make it my event; 20m with a 380kg tyre. I won the event and had the best time of everyone in mid 31s. Crucifix hold went terrible, I had done really well in training with 55s but come the day failed at 25s. Flag hoist on the next morning in the dry went great and I managed 4 flags which was good points and confirmed my place in the final.

Going into the final I knew I could get a good placing as the events were pretty good for me. Yoke was up first and I took second with 13s for the 440kg yoke over 15m. Not sure where I placed in the axle but I think I got 4th with 160kg. Squat was a big point gainer for over as 5 of the 8 guys bombed so my one rep was a great result. I don't even know where to start with the shield, this thing is just insane. About 3 foot tall, so wide that my hands were still 15" apart when around and at 200kg; you really don't have many options with it. I just tried anything and got about 4th I think. Going into the stones I was only 2.5points behind Ed and could still catch him. Needless to say it didn't go to plan and I only managed to finish 2nd overall.

The weekend was great and Glenn can't be thanked enough for the effort that goes into the show.

I also won the UKs Jnr Strongest Man, here's how it went.

Rundown of Jnr UKs:

Truck Pull- 35s- 1st

Tyre Flip- 30.18s- 1st

Farmers Walk- 50m- 1st

Dumbbell- 9reps- 1st

Deadlift- 15reps- 1st

Stones- 0.5s off 1st

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